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She came walking towards me for what seemed to be an eternity, his movements much slower and more deliberate. His usual grimace had a slight upturn as if he knew he were also reminiscing of the years we had spent here.

I slowly stepped forward to meet him halfway at a point where we simultaneously stood and admired the sun slowly dripping into the vast blue colors like a masterful watercolor, layer upon layer of subtle hues of orange, yellow and blue.

The wind was brisk and quietly whisked through our now graying hairs.

I thought about the first time we came here and the many years in between. All the love, the laughter and the silliness all melted into one glowing aura, almost as massive as the sunset we were admiring.

He loved me at my best and comforted me at my worst; the laughter and the tears were all the same to him. No matter what life had thrown at me, he loved me anyways, of this I was sure.

And I remembered our walks with me contemplating what had become of me as I selfishly wondered aloud and sometimes cried softly with deep sorrow that no one else could possibly understand.

Yet now overshadowed by the memories of sheer goofiness that often left me howling in delight.

We ran together one last time albeit a much slower pace and as the bright white full moon rose over the now seemingly abandoned waters, I hugged him tight one more time.

Tomorrow I will say good-bye to my best friend who for so many years stood by side. Tonight is his last night on this beach, on this earth, but not in my heart.

These glorious years have forever changed me because for once I had no one who espoused judgments or blame, someone who bared witness to all my flaws but loved me anyways. And who gave so much more than he received in this world, a true friend.

I kneeled down and gave him a good strong hug, as tears started to silently flow and we took one long glance at the glowing moon hanging upon our shoulders. His shabby fur was damp from the last long attempt at a final swim as I felt his small heart gently beating against my now swollen face.

I wondered if he knew how much joy he had given and if he knew how much strength he had given me in having to make this difficult decision. I whispered softly in his ear at all the good things he had done in his brief dog life.

Nothing will ever be the same, but I will come back to this beach so long as my memory will still hold these precious moments.